Reasoning about Effects in Aspects Languages

We study the means to reason about aspect interference, providing foundations for secure aspects, and the link of secure aspects with security aspects.

REAL is an Inria Associate Team started in 2013 as a follow-up to RAPIDS.


ASCOLA Inria Mines Nantes LINA

Jacques Noyé (coordinator) Associate Professor

Mario Südholt Professor

Nicolas Tabareau Inria Researcher

Florent Marchand de Kerchove PhD Student

Anne-Claire Binétruy Project Assistant

Visits to PLEIAD

Visits to ASCOLA

  • Nicolas March 7–19
  • 2016
  • November 20–27 Éric
  • July 15–25 Éric
  • Nicolas March 1–13
  • 2015
  • December 15–19 Éric
  • August 18–January 5 Gustavo
  • May 13 Rodolfo Toledo (RAPIDS member) defends his PhD
  • April 22 Ismael defends his PhD
  • March 29–April 28 Ismael
  • Nicolas March 10–22
  • 2014
  • Florent November 1–30
  • Jacques November 1–15
  • July 2–12 Éric
  • April 1–June 30 Ismael
  • March 25 Ismael places first in the ACM Student Research Competition at AOSD’13
  • 2013


To appear

  • A Taxonomy of Domain-Specific Aspect Languages
    Johan Fabry, Tom Dinkelaker, Jacques, Éric
    Accepted for publication in ACM Computing Surveys
  • Compositional Reasoning About Aspect Interference
    Ismael, Tom Schrijvers, Nicolas, Éric
    13th International Conference on Modularity (2014)
  • Aspectual Session Types
    Nicolas, Mario and Éric
    13th International Conference on Modularity (2014)
  • Effect Capabilities For Haskell
    Ismael, Nicolas, Éric
    Brazilian Symposium on Programming Languages (2014)
  • Effective Aspects: A Typed Monadic Embedding of Pointcuts and Advice
    Ismael, Nicolas, Éric
    Transactions on Aspect-Oriented Software Development (2014)
  • Execution Levels for Aspect-Oriented Programming: Design, Semantics, Implementations and Applications
    Éric, Ismael and Nicolas
    Science of Computer Programming (2013)

Other ongoing work

  • Define modular information flow analyses in full JavaScript interpreters using aspects Florent, Jacques, Mario, Éric